Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend & Girlfriend by Dottedi

Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend & Girlfriend by Dottedi

Do you remember the butterflies you got before going on the first date with your boyfriend or girlfriend, the moment you realized how relatable you two are, and how talking for hours on the phone felt like minutes? All these mark the beginning of a relationship and that’s when you know how crucial this person will be for you in the future. Valentine's Day is one such period to celebrate and relive the beautiful moments you have had. Therefore, here are some thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for boyfriend and girlfriend to make everything as exquisite as it should be!

Whether you are seeking gifts for boyfriend, husband, wife, or girlfriend, each of our hampers in the Valentine’s Day collection will reflect your love for them, acknowledge their support, and bless your relationship with positivity.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

For Boyfriend or Husband

  • Hello Handsome Gift Combo
  • If you have started seeing each other recently and getting to know each other, our Hello Handsome Gift Combo is an ideal choice. This combo contains warmth and charm with its Hello Handsome Mug, conveying affection. Whereas, the hand towel in the hamper symbolizes shared experiences. The Charcoal Soap adds a touch of luxury and self-care, fostering a sense of well-being. You may consider this as an apt gift for the essence of early connections, making it a delightful and meaningful gesture for embarking on the journey together. 

  • Me & You Gift Hamper
  • To blend romance and indulgence in your relationship, we suggest you pick our Me & You Gift hamper. The hamper features a delectable chocolate cake adorned with fresh strawberries and a box of exquisite chocolates, including truffles or "You're The Bomb" treats. The inclusion of a stylish leather Love Basket with heartfelt Promissory Notes adds a sentimental touch, making it a cherished keepsake. To complete the package, the Love Uno game adds a playful element, making this hamper a delightful and thoughtful expression of love making it one of the best Valentine's gift ideas.

  • Hot in the Sheets
  • Every guy prefers some passion and playful romance in the bedroom. If you want to fulfill this wish of your boyfriend, you must choose our Hot in the Sheets hamper. The naughty bed-sheet and love-themed Uno cards set the mood, while the Aphrodisiac Box, including a Knotty Affair Box, chocolate body paint, love dice, scented candle, and more, enhances the intimate experience. With a "Wake me up with a kiss" sash, handcuffs or whip, keepsake tins, potpourri, and chocolates, this curated hamper will promise you a night of love, laughter, and sweet indulgence, making it an ideal and unforgettable Valentine's gifts for him.

    For Girlfriend or wife

  • Pamper Me Gift Combo
  • Women enjoy a luxurious spa experience now and then. We know it and that’s why we have specially curated this Valentine's day gift for girlfriend. Our Pamper Me Gift Combo features five organic products, including scrub, soap, balm, and bath salts, ensuring a relaxing pampering session. The Hand Towel, adorned with a print of "Hello gorgeous" or "Miss Perfect," adds a thoughtful touch. The Vanilla-scented candle sets a romantic mood. This curated combination of indulgent items makes for a thoughtful and delightful Valentine's surprise, showcasing your affection with a perfect blend of self-care and romantic ambiance.

  • Let’s Play Love Gift Hamper
  • Looking for a creative way to express your love to your girlfriend? We can help you fulfill it with our Let’s Play Love Gift hamper. The Secrets Scratch Cards add an element of mystery and fun. Knotty Affair offers an intimate experience, enhancing your bond. "I Love We Icons" and "100 Reasons Why I Love You" convey heartfelt sentiments, while the Love Hamper brings joy with its curated collection. This thoughtful combination promises to captivate her heart, making it a cherished and personalized gesture that she will adore. 

  • Love Party in a Box
  • If you wish to surprise your girlfriend with a private and romantic party, Dottedi has everything sorted for you already. Our box contains a 6x4 feet Personalized Banner, Heart Buntings, and Lovey Dovey A4 posters to set a dreamy ambiance. A bunch of 20 Heart Balloons to add a touch of celebration. The Moon & Back or Hug Mug, Naughty game, Kiss Me Cushion, and LOVE card to enhance intimacy. The thoughtful details like Table Mats, a Heart Card with a note, and the 100 Reasons Love Bucket will make it an unforgettable and personalized experience for her; making our Love Party in a Box the most adorable Valentine's Day gift for a girlfriend.


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