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One-Day Picnic Experience with Dottedi Bangalore 

Picnic. The word that automatically teleports us to a world of childhood-like memories. The warmth of the sun, the light breeze, lying in the grass, surrounded by the people you truly enjoy, and lots of food and games. While going on a day picnic, what we thoroughly enjoyed as kids, the adult world seems to have altered. The whole experience of being on a picnic, especially in today's fast-paced busy world seems like a blurry idea. Sometimes you and your people don't have matching timelines, sometimes the idea gets converted into a simple cafe getaway or other times the weather is not in your favor. 

Say goodbye to all last-minute excuses that are keeping you away from your much-awaited picnic because Dottedi Bangalore is here at your service to provide you with the chicest picnic ideas and outdoor picnic experience! 

Fun and Exciting Picnic Ideas by Dottedi in Bangalore 

Going on a picnic is a whole relaxation experience. You sit out with your friends and family, away from the chaos of the outer world, and just have a blast together. With Dottedi Bangalore’s exclusive Picnic packages and exclusive picnic ideas, you get everything ready! All you have to do is pick a theme that suits your style the best and show up for the actual picnic, literally that simple! Have a look at our Picnic themes and picnic ideas we have to offer to get a better understanding of what we have to offer.

Romantic Picnic Setup Idea For Two

We all love a little outdoor date and when it is all decked up in beautiful and aesthetic decor, with a small photo corner with 1 couple image, a love bucket, 2-3 board games, and a picnic basket with all snacks, we say it's a win-win situation! This is a perfect picnic setup idea for a no-occasion kind of Sunday surprise date where you can spend the afternoon on a picnic with your partner!

DIY Picnic Surprise

Assuming it's a surprise get-together, a birthday, or an annual meetup of friends and family- whatever your occasion, we cater to providing you with the best-customized picnic experience that suits your needs the best. Available exclusively in Banglaore, you can avail of our one-of-a-kind outdoor picnic services and create memories of a lifetime with us!

Birthday Picnic Setups In Bangalore

Birthdays call for grand celebrations. Outdoor birthday picnics are the new cool and is surely an experience you would want to experience on your special day. Surrounded by the bliss of sunshine, we can create a customized birthday picnic experience for you and make your day as special as you are meant to be! 

Customized Picnic Ideas  

We all have different ideas of what our ideal picnic would be. For some, it could be all about food and games while for others it might be more relaxed, listening to music and dancing kind of a relaxing picnic. Whatever your ideal picnic style and experience is or whatever your location is in Bangalore, we promise to provide you with an experience you can never forget. You can also choose our ‘picnic spots near me’ services and have an amazing outdoor picnic experience. Enjoy and have a blast with your friends and family by creating an inclusive picnic atmosphere where everyone feels equally welcomed. Contact us at and we promise to make it an amazing picnic experience for you!