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Handcrafted Gifts for Loved Ones Online 

Gifting is always done with pure intentions- it is how we express our feelings and regards in materialistic forms, which leaves us with a memory of the giver forever. Every time you look at a present or a gift you’ve received, you will always remember it by the person who gave it to you, and will also bring back many happy memories. Such beautiful is the art of gifting. Handcrafting gifts have the warmth of the giver, genuine intentions, and most importantly- the feeling of making the recipient feel special stays intact. When you gift something to someone, you leave them with more than just a present. You give them memories and make them feel super special. Handcrafted gifts will always be the best choice over any other present since you have a pure intention, and the affection just adds more sentimental value to the present. 

Hampers are a wonderful choice if you are indecisive about your gifting choices but still want to make an amazing impression. It is always about showering your person with lots and love and lots of gifts and hampers were the best ways to do that. And for those who like to go the extra mile in making the efforts count Dottedi is here at your service with the best customised gifts available online! 

Best Handmade Gifts by Dottedi Bangalore

Gifting is the best way to express your emotions. With our wide range of gifting options available, make your moments of celebrations extra special and filled with love and care with our wide range of handmade gifts where there is a pick for anyone and everyone. 

Festive Vintage Floral Gift Crate

Vintage is the new vibe we all have been loving! It is an ethereal experience and when we are talking about vintage, flowers and a whole crate of flowers at that- it only gets better with this handcrafted hamper. With this amazing gift crate, you get- a Floral bunch of hydrangeas and roses, a Chocolate Bar that can be customized, Nuts in a cute jute pouch, 4 Muffins/Brownies all beautifully handcrafted in a Vintage Reusable Crate gift box with sizes- in 9*12*6 inch. 

Pamper The Soul Gift Hamper

We all hustle at making it big in life or at least we all know someone who hustles every day and night to make ends meet. They work extra hours to achieve their passion and obviously among all the hard work, they forget to give themself enough credit for that. The Pamper The Soul Gift Hamper is the hamper that does exactly what it says. This handcrafted gift is a curation of soulful rejuvenation and has everything that’ll help the recipient relax and have a moment of peace to themselves. 

Movie Buff Gift Crate

We are all a little filmy and we all know someone who has an undying love and obsession for films and movies. To get any movie night with friends and family started and to make everyone excited, the Movie Buff Gift Crate is all you need! In this amazing hamper, you get 2 Movie CDs (definitely an old-school affair), 3 packs of different flavours of popcorn, 2 Coke cans, a movie buff Personalized Pillow, 1 Chip- Doritos packet, I Pringle, 1 Lays, and chocolates- Toblerone, Twix, Snicker bars, Cadbury Dairy Milk, along with 2 kinds of mints. We hand-pack all the goodies in a huge crate to give you majestic filmy goals! 

Customized Gifts for Everyone! 

We at Dottedi aim to resolve the best gifting solutions that are possible. We have a wide range of gifting range and choices available for everyone to choose from and if your choice needs an extra spice and love for personalization- we have the solution for that too! We offer personalized gifts and experiences for anyone and everyone. From curating a custom hamper to curating a custom experience like a date or a birthday celebration- we make sure all your needs are fulfilled. We only strive to make it super special for you to feel your big and extra special day stays more fun and filled with surprises and moments you can never forget!