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Party Rental Setups in Bangalore you need to have to make your party more fun! 

Celebrations call for a great party and great parties call for great planners! Any event, be it a birthday party, an anniversary celebration, or a launch party, they all have one thing in common: amazing activities that keep it super fun and exciting. Having unique fun activities at your party will keep your guests entertained and will also make your party a massive success. With happy faces making memories all around, make sure the party is the complete opposite of boredom and filled with pure fun and amusement! 

Make the best use of Party Rental props and activity setups to make your party an absolute hit! From game setups to birthday party decorations at home and toy rentals, Dottedi Bangalore has everything you need to make your party memorable. We offer our ‘rent a party’ ideas available exclusively in Bangalore which means no matter which corner of the city you are hosting your party, our services will reach your doorstep! We promise to make an unforgettable, memorable, and amazing experience for you and your guests! 

Birthday Party Decorations at Home with the Dottedi 

Gone are the days when a party was considered a hit with only good food and good music. Now it is time to spice up your parties with fun activities like never before! Why not hire a caricature artist to make fun live sketches, a cotton candy bar for all the kids, a bartender to keep all the adults in the swing of the party, or have a magician performing mind-blowing tricks that people of all ages will be thrilled to see? All these and a lot more options are available only at Dottedi’s Rent-a-Party. Have a look below at a few of our most popular and out-of-the-box party setup ideas you would not want to miss out on if you are having an event or party in Bangalore- 

Puppet Show

Having a puppet show at your birthday party can add a special touch of magic and entertainment that will delight your guests and make your celebration even more memorable. Puppet shows can appeal to both children and adults, making them a versatile form of entertainment that can engage everyone at the party. It is just the perfect way to gather all your guests around right before the cake-cutting ceremony. 

Temporary Tattoo Artist

Let's be honest, getting a tattoo is every child’s biggest wish but what if they are granted of this wish? Do not worry since we don't play with needles or ink but instead, you can have a temporary tattoo artist on board for your party and have these artists create wonderful designs for you! 

Bouncee - Imported Themed

Kids benign the biggest balls of energy at any party deserve to have their own corner where they can jump and fall as much as they can without getting hurt! Having a Bouncee (based on the theme of your party) will be a superb addition to your party especially if you planning to hold one outdoors. This spot will be the kid's favorite and we guarantee you that. 

Party Rental /Game Setups customized to your theme

We at Dottedi aim to provide the chicest and best party experience available in pan India. Not only do we give you a decor that is the best suited for your theme, but be rest assured your party is in safe hands. From the food choices to the activities to keep the party as fun as it should be, photo booths to make your event extra Instagrammable, to creating beautiful memories all together- we assure you your event will be the talk of the town for days to come! For more queries feel free to contact us or visit our website to know more about our party planning and gifting process!