5 Picnic Ideas for a Birthday Party in Bangalore

5 Picnic Ideas for a Birthday Party in Bangalore

Birthdays mark a new age, a new beginning. They are special because you get to live one more year of extra craziness and thank god for this ability to experience life to the fullest one more year. A birthday party is super special not only for the person whose birthday we are celebrating, but it is also an intimate and special occasion for the people who truly love them. Birthdays are the one occasion where they can go all out on surprises and make you feel super special because you deserve to be treated that way! 

Speaking of special surprises, have you ever considered having a picnic on your birthday? As exciting as that sounds, we are sure to say it would be a completely thrilling experience. Be outdoors under the sun, around the people you love, and celebrate your big special day in the best way possible. With Dottedi being the best birthday party planner in Bangalore, you can leave all the preps to us and just sit back to enjoy the party to the fullest! 

Picnic Birthday Party Ideas by Dottedi

Whether you are the one celebrating your birthday party or planning it for someone special- these suggestions will have you hooked! Let's have a look at a few of our top suggestions to have your picnic birthday party! 

DIY - Picnics At Your Door Step


What if we say we can pack a whole picnic setup- from the decor to the seating arrangements, pack it in one box, and get it delivered to your birthday party in Bangalore- with the only thing left for you to do is unbox and arrange the picnic setup together? Our DIY - Picnics At Your Door Step not only lets you experience the perfectly themed picnic decor but also gives you the self-pleasure and pride of assuming it together by yourself. It is a great idea especially if you love DIY crafts and want to put in the extra manual effort without having to search for all the necessary individual decor items. 

Romantic Picnic Basket For Two


dottedi picnic. basket


If you are a sucker for intimate quality time with your partner and it happens to be their birthday as well, our Romantic Picnic Basket For Two is the cutest little thing you would want to make your private birthday party date idea extra special. All you have to do is go to a beautiful location and arrange this basket. Our pro tip is to play your partner’s favorite music and let them feel eternally special- sometimes it's always the tiny gestures that can sway their heart away. 

Birthday Picnic Setups In Bangalore


dottedi signature celebrations


Birthdays are meant to be extra special and if you love drama and want to go all out on celebrations, we have got your back! Whether you are the main birthday girl/boy wanting to plan out your special day on a particular or someone close to them who wants to throw them the surprise birthday bash of the year- we cater to all kinds of requests and services and we- the best birthday party planners in Bangalore, promise to make your special day AMAZING for you! We offer on-theme celebrations, beautiful decor that makes every corner look perfectly Instagrammable, the yummiest cake (relevant to your theme), and of course, lots of food and fun activities! Whether it is an outdoor picnic birthday party or something else that you have in mind, whatever you want to make your birthday special- we shall deliver it! 

Picnic Setup For Two


Anniversery celebrations


Birthdays when spent with the people you love, only make the occasion more special. Since you rely on us as your birthday party planners in Bangalore we suggest you go ahead with the best ways to make it count as a super special and generous effort. Our Romantic Picnic Setup For Two will help you create the most beautiful romantic setup with 1 mat, 1 rug, setup low table with 2 or 4 cushions, a  small photo corner with 1 couple image, a love bucket, 2-3 board games, a picnic basket with many snacks- all that you need to make the love of your life’s bday extra special. 

Picnic Basket Gift Hamper

If you are invited to a picnic birthday party or are planning to have one, the Picnic Basket Gift Hamper by Dottedi is one of the essential things you should bring with you. This cute and also aesthetic basket hamper brings you- 1Picnic Basket, 1 Small Quiche, 1 Box with 4 Chocochip Cookies, 1 Sparkling Fruit Juice Bottle or Tropicana, 1 Pringles/Chips, 4 Muffins/ Croissants/ Jam Doughnuts, Box of 4 Brownies, 1 Cinnamon carrot cake (500grams) or 4 sandwitches (veg), 1 Fruit Pack, 1 Home Utility Gift item from Dottedi,  Disposable cutlery, pack of tissues, wet wipes and a bottle of water, and a Keepsake Wicker Basket! 


Make It Amazing with the Dottedi, your birthday party planners in Bangalore, with an exclusive range of picnic setups, hampers, and birthday event celebration services. We have one and one goal only- to be a small party in making your special day amazing because you deserve it all!
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