Colour Theme Party for Holi with Dottedi

Colour Theme Party for Holi with Dottedi

Holi, a festival of vibrant hues and joyous moments, is a time when distinctions blur, and camaraderie takes center stage. It's a celebration where inhibitions fade away, and everyone revels in the sheer delight of togetherness. Whether it's playfully dousing your boss with balloons or sharing laughs as you adorn the faces of friends with colorful hues, Holi embodies the spirit of breaking barriers and embracing unity.

If you're contemplating a corporate celebration, why not infuse it with the exuberance of a color theme party? In this blog, you can find a few delightful suggestions to make your event truly memorable:

Colour Theme Party Ideas by Dottedi

Red Color Party

For your vibrant red-themed party, indulge in our Red Velvet Cupcakes, available in boxes of 6 or 12. These delectable treats feature rich red velvet cake topped with creamy buttercream icing, offering a delightful blend of flavour and visual appeal. Perfectly suited to your colour scheme, these cupcakes will elevate your event with their irresistible taste and striking appearance. Whether it's a cosy gathering or a grand celebration, these Red Velvet Cupcakes are sure to be a hit, adding a touch of sweetness to every moment.

Blue Color Theme Party 

For blue-themed party, indulge guests with the Traditional Sweets Gift Hamper. This delightful ensemble features a 12x10 inch handwoven gift basket, exuding traditional charm. Enhancing the ambiance is a beaten metal candle, casting a warm glow. Treat the palate with nine varieties of 40-gram dry fruits, accompanied by two delectable sweets and a savoury namkeen. A touch of elegance is added with a brocade pouch, perfect for keepsakes. To infuse the air with aromatic allure, the hamper includes a pack of incense sticks, while a diya candle adds a flicker of traditional charm. It’s a perfect fit for a blue-themed celebration, promising indulgence and ambiance in abundance.

Green Colour Party Ideas 

If you are looking for green colour party ideas, pick our Elizabeth Dessert Platter. The Platter elevates serving desserts with its luxurious twist on a traditional cake stand. Its cool tones seamlessly complement other serve-wear, adding elegance to any occasion. Perfect for entertaining, it impresses guests effortlessly and makes a memorable housewarming gift. With a diameter of 12 inches and a height of 6 inches, its unique design in Pista Green & Gold exudes exquisite dining etiquette, making it the centerpiece of any home party, effortlessly enhancing the presentation of delectable treats.

Yellow Colour Party Ideas 

For a sunny yellow-themed party, consider a Yellow Cart Gift Hamper. This delightful package includes 2 jars of luscious dry fruits, 2 jars of tantalizing jam or honey, a box of decadent chocolates, a box of scrumptious brownies, and a box of delectable cookies. This sunny selection not only adds a pop of color to the festivities but also offers a variety of treats to indulge in. Whether as a gift or for party favours, the hamper promises to brighten any occasion with its cheerful and tasty delights.

Pink Colour Party Ideas

Indulge in the epitome of sweetness with our Pink Candy tier cake, the crown jewel for an unforgettable pink-themed party. Weighing in at 7 kgs, this confectionary masterpiece caters to 80-100 guests, ensuring no one misses out on its delectable charm. Infused with the essence of celebration and adorned with intricate pink accents, every slice promises a symphony of flavors and a feast for the eyes. Elevate your event with the allure of this tantalizing centerpiece, making memories as delightful and vibrant as the hue it embodies. Choose our Pink Candy tier cake and transform your gathering into an extraordinary celebration.

Purple Colour Theme Party

For an unforgettable purple-themed party, indulge in a Junk Food Gift Hamper bursting with vibrant treats. Delight guests with a variety of munchies, including two types of chips and savory snacks. Sweeten the occasion with an assortment of biscuits, cookies, and a personalized jar brimming with candy. Quench thirst with three flavorful drinks while satisfying cravings with instant noodles and Nutella/choco spread. Popcorn packs add a fun crunch, while a Dottedi bowl enhances the aesthetic. Elevate the celebration with this eclectic mix of snacks, ensuring a memorable purple-themed extravaganza for all to enjoy.

Black Colour Theme Party

For an unforgettable black-themed party, our Little Black Box gift hamper is your ultimate choice. Inside awaits a luxurious array perfectly suited to your elegant affair. Delight your guests with a tantalizing Champagne bottle, setting the tone for celebration. A single long-stemmed red rose adds a touch of passion and sophistication to the ambiance. Indulge in the decadence of truffle chocolates, a divine treat to complement the night's festivities. Elevate your event with this curated selection, ensuring a memorable soirée draped in the allure of black.

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