11 Naughty Ideas For Your Bachelorette

11 Naughty Ideas For Your Bachelorette

Planning a bachelorette party with your best buddies is the best way to add spice to your friend’s wedding! 


However, the person in charge, a.k.a. the maid of honour, should never forget that everyone will expect some naughty bachelorette party ideas and good old fun. To make your task easier, here are some top-notch bachelorette game ideas from The Dottedi to help you plan the best bachelorette party. Whether you want to make the bride laugh uncontrollably or give her a chance to let loose, then any of these adventurous ideas are guaranteed to make your best friend’s wedding day celebrations unforgettable.


Naughty Ideas For Your Bachelorette Party


1. Kinky Cake Designs


A naughty bachelorette cake is a must-have for the bride-to-be and her besties. So, what’s so special about this devilishly delicious dessert, you may ask? Well, for one thing, it evokes a feeling of “we are all going to have an amazing time tonight” right away. 


And if that’s not enough reason to order one, let us tell you, a kinky cake also allows you all to take some fun, naughty pictures that you will surely cherish more than your wedding album in your late 70s. In addition, it is sure to make your event an even bigger success and bring out the party animal in everyone!



The naughty bed cake from Dottedi is the perfect fit for this! Or you can go for one of the many themed cakes available on our website.


2. Try playing ex-boyfriend charades


Ex-boyfriend charades is a hilarious and fun game that makes for excellent bachelorette party activities. It's the perfect game to get things started if your closest friends will be present at your celebration. The bride and the bridesmaid must attempt to mime their exes as close as possible while the other girls guess who they are miming. Believe us; you will have a blast as you see how well you know your friends and which ones may also know your ex-boyfriends the best. And the bride for sure will get all the laughs and memories she deserves on her bachelorette.


3. Naughty Jenga can be an excellent option


You can make the usual Jenga act more fun by using a daring variant. This is one naughty variation that lets you choose from various kinky dares that will be stamped in each block. The log which ends up being removed will then carry the task that the bride-to-be and her friends must carry out for the bachelorette celebration.


4. Double-meaning questionnaire


Test your knowledge with this hilarious game that allows you to ask questions. See how wild you can get with the questions and answers, and challenge your group to be as daring as possible. Get this game going and see how it gets your bachelorette party talking. People will come up with some of the craziest and most outrageous answers to the questions. So, make your group of friends go mad, crack them up with laughter and let them have a great time by playing this game. This can be an excellent addition to those bachelorette games with a guaranteed fun quotient.


5. Get some racy décor stuff



Don't forget to get the bachelorette with the raunchy stuff and all the naughty bachelorette party decorations! The playful decor will lighten up the bride's mood and her bridesmaid’s way too much. Create the best vibe for your friend’s bachelorette party by getting some of the unique items to make the night crazy. And for those who like their parties funny, consider ordering racy props to entertain everyone from the Bride-to-Be to her closest friends and family members.


6. Sip in some drink


If you love to unwind with a good drink, you'll love this bachelorette party game. You can play this game with your boozy buddies or with friends who like to get wild and crazy. This is played like “Never Have I Ever” but with a bit of twist--only one person reads the sentence, and everyone else drinks if they have done whatever appears in the sentence. This fun bachelorette party game will tell you all the secrets you never knew about each other. All you need to do is come up with some naughty sentences and celebrate the bachelorette!


7. Who knows the bride better?


As the maid of honour, you should make your best friend—the bride—feel special at her bachelorette party. A list of questions on a sheet of paper can be handed to the bridesmaids to answer, and you can choose to ask either decent questions or very raunchy ones! Get the girls going with the game because sometimes, it is okay to be a little naughty.


8. Guess the lingerie


A game that everyone will love! To play this game, each person can bring a pair of lingerie that best describes their personality best. All the lingerie can be kept in front of the bride, and then it is her job to identify which innerwear belongs to whom. Be creative, and make sure you bring something that is both stylish and sexy. This game is a great choice that can lighten up everybody’s mood in the bachelorette.


9. Draw the cranky stuff


For an evening of laughs and silly sentences - this game is a must-have in your bachelorette! Team up with friends to draw the craziest, kinkiest things you can think of in 30 seconds. Just make sure not to use rude words. Jot your masterpieces down on paper, then pass them to a team member to guess what they are. This funny game will have you laughing so hard that you'll be rolling on the floor.


10. Quirky dress code


It's all about having fun, letting your hair down, and enjoying some drinks with your close friends before you tie the knot. At least that’s what we think. So why shouldn't there be a naughty dress code justifying naughty bachelorette party ideas? Come up with a quirky dress code for the bachelorette party to spice up the environment and get everybody in the party mood.


11. Prank call an old friend


You have to have a blast before you tie the knot — and what better way than to prank call one of your friends. You know the ones, those people you party with, who would always be up for one last good time before you settle down. So, grab your phone and dial your old friend’s number!

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