Party Gift Crate
Party Gift Crate

Party Gift Crate

Got a reason to celebrate? Throw the wildest party of your life and let DOTTEDi take care of the supplies! Our super popular Party Crate is the holy grail of all party animals, so if you consider yourself one, you should add it to cart ASAP. The package consists of an eclectic mix of all things quirky and memorable, right from pre-game scenes up till the next morning when you're hungover. Even if you aren't the savviest host, a hamper like this will make sure your friends gush about your party for years to come!

Each Party Crate contains 30 items (including the crate and screwdriver)

Contents in the crate :

1. Chocolate Bars (4)
Can any celebration or act of indulgence be complete without chocolate? We don't think so either.

2. Bottle Opener - 1, Ice Tray - 1
Bottle openers and ice are two things rookie party hosts often forget to arrange, but why worry when DOTTEDi has your back? Our Party Crate is here to take all the burden off your shoulders, so you can enjoy the party without worries!

3. Cans of Soda (2 Beer Cans, 2 Coke Cans, 2 Tonic Water)
For some people, this is their entire alcohol consumption in the party, and for others, this is just their pre-game. No matter which category you fall in, we would love for you to make the most of these supplies! Do drink responsibly.

4. Paper Cups (5)
We don't want you to break all your precious mugs and glasses in drunken accidents. Drinking from paper cups is cleaner, less risky, and makes for some cool pictures!

5. Ping Pong Balls (3)
We at DOTTEDi earnestly want you to have the time of your life with the Party Crate. And we know how much you love your beer pong, which is why we took extra care to pack in three ping pong balls! So go ahead and channel those frat party vibes!

6. Shot Glasses (3)
Can you imagine a booze party where you aren't doing shots? Yes, neither can we. So don't worry about arranging the shot glasses, our Party Crate will take care of it.

7. Dorito Chips/Cheetos/Junk (2)
Partying without munchies and junk food is a crime. At least by DOTTEDi standards, we believe in some classic munchies to fuel the party spirit, which is why we have thrown in some quintessential comfort food items in the Party Crate for you to gorge on!

8. A Bunch of Garbage Bags
We all have that one friend who can never hold their alcohol (well, unless that person is you). Either way, these garbage bags will come in super handy and will ensure a more manageable mess for you to deal with the next morning.

9. Hangover Kit Vices Booklet (Excuses)
You might not understand the value of DOTTEDi's Hangover Recovery Kit now, but the next morning you'll run out of ways to thank us! Complete with eye masks, quirky bandaids, oral rehydration salts, and some chewing gum, our Hangover Recovery kit will become your favourite item out of the entire party crate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to order a made-to-measure bridal dress?

The ordering process is simple. Simply choose your dress style, provide your measurements using our measurement guide, and we'll get started. We'll keep you updated throughout the process to ensure your dress fits perfectly.

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Typically, it takes X weeks from order to delivery. Factors like dress complexity, fabric availability, and customizations may affect the timeframe. Rest assured, we strive to deliver your dream dress on time without compromising quality.

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Absolutely! You can request alterations such as neckline adjustments, sleeve additions, or train modifications. Let us know your preferences during the ordering process, and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

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Why Do Customers Trust Us?

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