Pamper Me Box - Female
Pamper Me Box - Female
Pamper Me Box - Female
Pamper Me Box - Female
Pamper Me Box - Female
Pamper Me Box - Female

Pamper Me Box - Female


For all the hard work women do day in and day out, they deserve not just love, but a whole lot of pampering. So when it comes to buying a present for them, it's only imperative we go all out and give them the grandest and most luxurious presents that the world has to offer. In this regard, let us introduce you to DOTTEDi??s one-of-a-kind Pamper Me Crate! The sheer range and variety of self-care items in this box will not only make your favourite woman feel loved and special but also really really taken care of. Irrespective of whether she's your mother, s/o, sister, or BFF, this is the kind of all-round, holistic present that can work flawlessly for every occasion. What more, DOTTEDi also takes care of the packing and arrangement, so not only will your beloved recipient receive a set of wonderful items, they'll receive them in a crate hamper arranged beautifully with floral decorations, customized to the occasion! So, stop looking elsewhere, and leave it on DOTTEDi's Pamper Me Box to take care of it all.

This crate contains 9 items (including the crate and screwdriver).

DOTTEDi's Pamper Me Box comprises the following items:

1. One Pack of Potpourri
Do you know how versatile and useful a pack of potpourri is? From jazzing up boring corners of one's home to helping keep spaces smelling fresh, it does so much and more. A utilitarian gift item like this will not only make her happy but will also come in super handy!

2. One Foot Spa Bucket
Very few things feel as good as self-care. Give your favourite women the gift of some relaxing me-time (and happy feet!) with DOTTEDi's signature foot spa bucket. It comes with an exfoliating scrub, foot soak, soap, a foot softener and body scrub- you know all the #selfcare essentials!

3. Hand Towels
Make her ditch her ordinary wipes and give her DOTTEDi's ultra-soft, skin-friendly hand towels. After all, your favourite women deserve only the very best.

4. One Mug (Morning Gorgeous/Just breathe)
Do you know what will put an instant smile to her face? When you make her morning chai/coffee for her just the way she likes it and serve it in this quirky and beautiful Morning, Gorgeous coffee mug. Yes, you're welcome.

5. One Scented Candle :BELL jar
Luxe self-care, how are ya? Show your beloved women how much you care for them by helping her unwind with DOTTEDi's scented candle! Not only will the scent help her relax, but the flame will also create a lovely ambience in your space.

6. One Greeting Card
DOTTEDi always believes in going the extra mile. Since our Pamper Me Box is perfect for a variety of occasions, this greeting card is where your present gets personalized just for your recipient and occasion. Write her a heartfelt little note in this card along with all the other gift items, and we can guarantee you she'll remember this gesture forever.

7) Crate / box

DOTTEDi always believes in going the extra mile. Sustainibility and utility, gift the crate which lasts

8) Utility kit

A single floral utility kit to add magic to her look

9) 1 Muchies : 1 food item like nuts, chocolates

Custom-made to your exact specifications

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Find the dress of your dreams

Browse through our wide selection of bridal dresses to find the perfect one for your wedding day. Contact us if you need any help.


Make your dream dress a reality

Once you've found the perfect dress, it's time to place your order. We will contact you for your exact measurements and preferences.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to order a made-to-measure bridal dress?

The ordering process is simple. Simply choose your dress style, provide your measurements using our measurement guide, and we'll get started. We'll keep you updated throughout the process to ensure your dress fits perfectly.

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What's the turnaround time for a made-to-measure bridal dress?

Typically, it takes X weeks from order to delivery. Factors like dress complexity, fabric availability, and customizations may affect the timeframe. Rest assured, we strive to deliver your dream dress on time without compromising quality.

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Can I customize the design of a made-to-measure bridal dress?

Absolutely! You can request alterations such as neckline adjustments, sleeve additions, or train modifications. Let us know your preferences during the ordering process, and we'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

Why Do Customers Trust Us?

Perfect Fit For Your Body

Stress-Free Experience

Customized Customer Experience

Why Do Customers Trust Us?

Emily Thompson

“Felt like a princess! Impeccable craftsmanship, perfect fit. Thank you, Prestige!”

Sarah Davis

“Exceeded expectations. Perfect ball gown. Thank you, Prestige!”

Jessica Roberts

“ELuxurious and glamorous! Stunning attention to detail. Thank you, Prestige!”

Olivia Johnson

“Breathtaking and magical. Perfect fit. Thank you, Prestige!”

Megan Thompson

“Modern elegance, timeless beauty. Exquisite taffeta fabric. Thank you, Prestige!”

Rachel Lewis

“Dream dress comes true. Exceptional craftsmanship. Thank you, Prestige!”

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