Chandon Cheers Gift Hamper
Chandon Cheers Gift Hamper

Chandon Cheers Gift Hamper

We can all agree that one doesn't need an occasion to show their how much you care for them. If your significant other is a person of impeccable taste, they deserve nothing less than DOTTEDi's luxurious Chandon Cheers Hamper. If the gift needs to speak from the heart, then this is it.

Our Chandon Cheers Hamper is all about delighting your special someone through a curated fusion of high-end presents. Use it to jazz up a date, as a gift to your lover on an adventurous night out or even a bedroom surprise before a sensual night in! It can also work well on conventional occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine Day, or even as an engagement or wedding present. If you believe your lover or loved one deserves nothing but the best- the Chandon Cheers Hamper is the perfect choice for you.

DOTTEDi's Chandon Cheers Hamper consists of the following 6 goodies, all packaged in a beautiful wicker keepsake basket:

1. A Personalized Bottle of Chandon Champagne
Chandon is one of the most premium brands of sparkling wine globally. So, needless to say, for someone who values quality and class, a bottle of the very best champagne will not only steal their heart, but it will keep them forever yours! Oh, and did we mention that the bottle is specially labelled and personalized?

2. A Jar of Honey and a Bottle of Premium Bar Snacks
Sugar and spice, and everything nice- sums up a love affair well, doesn't it? Apart from all their health benefits, pink salt is known to increase libido and honey helps regulate hormone levels and provides a natural energy boost. You understand where we are getting at, right? Good.

3. A set of scented candles and Agate Coasters OR An Agate Platter with Cheese
Take your pick from between DOTTEDi's signature Agate Cheese Platter or an entire set of DOTTEDi collectables that include a set of Agate Coasters and a scented candles. While our Agate Platter can be perfect for those who love an iconic statement piece, the candles and coasters together can fulfill your champagne ritual in a romantic, wholesome way.

4. A Pack of Truffle Chocolates OR A Box of 9 Brownies
Did you know chocolate is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs across the globe? If you didn't, now you do, and therefore now you also understand why the truffle chocolates/brownies are such a crucial part of this hamper. Even with the aphrodisiac part aside, who doesn't love chocolate?
5. A beautiful Gift Card and Wicker Basket which is a keepsake

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Why Do Customers Trust Us?

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“Dream dress comes true. Exceptional craftsmanship. Thank you, Prestige!”

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