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Deepak Enterprises is the best Ghaziabad chemical distributor dedicated to service manufacturing companies.We started in 1987 serving various industries from over two decades.We deliver almost all type of chemicals.Our key products our E.T.P. Plant Material
(Ferrous Sulphate),Soda Ash,Alum etc.

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Quality Products

No compromise with the quality at all, finest products are delivered.

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Delivery of product is on time, no delays.

Resonable Prices

Prices are negotiable and as per market.

Key Products

Cinque Terre

Caustic Soda

Cinque Terre

Bleaching Powder

Cinque Terre

Sodium Hypochlorite

Cinque Terre

Soda Ash

Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre

E.T.P. Plant Material
(Ferrous Sulphate)

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